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We are a premier specialty financial planning firm
in Michigan serving all federal employees and select
private clients in the cities of Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids.


We are a premier specialty financial planning firm
in Michigan serving all federal employees and select
private clients in the cities of Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids.


We are a premier specialty financial planning firm
in Michigan serving all federal employees and select
private clients in the cities of Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids.

Customized Financial Planning & Investing

We serve all federal employees and an exclusive group of private clients* who we feel are largely underserved in the broader marketplace. We help these clients solve their biggest challenges whether that is business planning, retirement planning, estate planning or anything in between. Our boutique firm has been created and tailored to serve these unique clients. If this describes you, you’re in the right place!

*Minimum $2,000,000 in investable assets required.


Financial Planning

There is a lot of talk about financial planning, but few firms deliver a truly holistic solution. At NewAge Advisors, your plan will be carefully crafted by our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, certified public accountants, estate planning attorneys and other industry leading professionals. We collaborate with you to ensure the pieces to your financial puzzle fit together perfectly.


Create a Real Diverse Portfolio

Diversifying a portfolio across various stock and bond asset classes is a common practice at most firms. However, this is not true diversification. This is because as a result of globalization, markets have become so closely correlated that one moves the other. This creates virtually no safe haven for investors when, not if, markets go south.

With us, you will have the ability to include investments in your portfolio that bear little correlation to other assets you own. This can help increase your returns while reducing risk in varying market conditions.


Personal Wealth Management

Historically, personal wealth management was only accessible to the ultra-wealthy. Given the advancement in technology, personal wealth management is now available to more people than ever. Superior investment managers, expert advice, custom reporting and low costs all combine to help ensure things for you go as planned.

One Size Fits One

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

Ready for something a little more personal? A little more specialized? You’re in the right place!

We get it. Trying to figure things out on your own can seem intimidating and risky, especially if you make a wrong move. NewAge Advisors makes it easy! Whether you are a federal employee or a private client we work with you to uncover and thoroughly address the things that matter most to you!

While not every client will require every service available, below is a quick run down of the many things we can help you navigate…

Comprehensive Financial Services

We bring a whole new meaning to comprehensive financial planning. 

Our comprehensive planning considerations for federal employees

General Planning Considerations

  • Smart money moves for a smooth transition into retirement
  • Tips to be proactive and understand the financial impact of the decisions to be made at retirement
  • Understanding your benefits and what decisions you may need to make at retirement

Survivor Benefit Plan

  • Coverage, cost, planning considerations and others who can benefit from this plan

Retirement Systems (CSRS & FERS)

  • Eligibility requirements and how to select the “right” retirement date
  • Calculating the CSRS & FERS annuity
  • Deposits, Redeposits & Military Deposits
  • Special Considerations for Law Enforcement Officers, Air Traffic Controllers, and Firefighters
  • Cost of Living Adjustments during retirement

Taxes on Federal Pensions

  • Federal and state tax implications

FERS Special Retirement Supplement

  • Eligibility requirements and calculation of this benefit
  • Implications of working after retirement
  • Social Security eligibility
  • Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)
  • Government Pension Offset (GPO)

    Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

    • Coverage and costs while employed

    Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

    • Services provided, extent of coverage and applicable costs
    • Eligibility requirements

    Federal Employees Health Benefits

    • Tax advantages of FEHB while working
    • Eligibility requirements to keep FEHB in retirement
    • Coordination of FEHB and Medicare Part B

        Ancillary Planning

        • Retirement Planning
        • Tax Planning
        • Investment & Portfolio Management
        • Business Planning (if applicable)
        • Estate Planning

        Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

        • Investment options, tax strategies and options within the TSP while working
        • Maximizing government contributions
        • Planning considerations at retirement

            Our comprehensive planning considerations for private clients

            Business Planning (if applicable)

            • Ownership changes
            • Buy/Sell agreements
            • Key-person considerations
            • Health & disability planning
            • Employee benefits
            • Executive compensation
            • Entity structure considerations
            • Succession planning

                Investment & Portfolio Management

                • Investment portfolio analysis and construction so you know what you own and why
                • Non-correlation strategies to help insulate from down markets
                • Tax advantaged, income producing investments for more income and less taxes
                • Risk-adjusted growth-oriented investments to outpace inflation reliably
                • Specialty investment considerations

                Tax Planning

                • Tax plan evaluation
                • Tax reduction and elimination strategies
                • Optimization of withholding and estimated tax payments
                • Tax deferral strategies
                • Tax credit and deduction analysis

                    General Planning Considerations

                    • Smart money moves to make before retirement
                    • Understanding the financial impact of decisions made at retirement
                    • Developing a thoughtful, effective strategy and financial plan for retirement

                        Retirement Planning

                        • Social Security benefits analysis & target date selection
                        • Employer sponsored retirement plan analysis
                        • Insurance and risk management survey
                        • Budget analysis
                        • Retirement date selection strategy
                        • Pension maximization
                        • Health Insurance and/or Medicare coverage planning and considerations

                        Estate Planning

                        • Executor/executrix/personal representative
                        • Power of Attorney
                        • Health care Power of Attorney
                        • Health care directive
                        • Wills & Trusts
                        • Community Property
                        • Family limited partnerships & other estate transfer strategies
                        • Probate considerations
                        • Gifting
                        • Charitable giving
                        • Disabled child/person & special needs provisions


                        Our federal employee retirement and planning services reach hundreds of eligible workers each year, providing elegant solutions to even the most complex situations.


                        CLIENT RETENTION

                        We have some of the highest client retention numbers in the industry across both our Private Client Group and
                        Federal Employee Group clients. 

                        EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS

                        Our internal and external team of experts include CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, Certified Public Accountants, estate planning attorneys, employee benefits specialists and many other industry leading professionals.

                        AVG INVESTED ANNUALLY

                        We re-direct, optimize and/or manage client assets for their benefit an in impactful way. This unwavering commitment to client success has made us one of the areas most elite and specialized advisors in our space.i. 

                        How We Work. Our Mission & Values

                        We only work with a very limited number of highly accredited investors* at a time as part of our Private Client GroupWe also work with all eligible federal employees who onboard with our Federal Employee Group

                        Our mission is simple. We seek to empower and enrich the lives of our client groups whom we’ve identified as remarkably underserved.

                        Our values are clear. As fiduciaries, we are obligated to act only in your best interest.

                        *Minimum $2,000,000 in investable assets required.

                        "If you're an employee of the federal government you know how confusing planning for retirement can be. Let us help. We're experts in this space and can help you avoid mistakes that could cost tens of thousands of dollars in lifetime benefits."

                        Gary Wedge, CFP®

                        "Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now."

                        Alan Lakein

                        "The truth is, most people need the high-level planning that comes from working with a team of skilled professionals. Unfortunatley, most don't realize it until it's too late. Let NewAge Advisors help you lockdown your financial present and future."

                        Gary Wedge, CFP®

                        "Know what you own and why you own it."

                        Peter Lynch

                        "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

                        Benjamin Franklin

                        "Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have."

                        Franz Kafka

                        "If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need."

                        Warren Buffet

                        A MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER

                        “Let Us Help You Take Your Money & Lifestyle To New Heights”

                        After ten years in the financial services industry, it became painfully obvious to me how underserved most clients of financial services firms were, particularly those of the largest firms, relative to their needs. It appeared most firms were simply in existence to sell expensive investments and other products with some generally poor advice thrown in for free.

                        In 2015, I launched NewAge Advisors, a Registered Investment Adviser in the state of Michigan. I subsequently became certified, assuming a fiduciary role to my clients. As a CFP® Professional, I have certain mandatory obligations to you. But, that isn’t enough to be a good financial planner. Let me explain.

                        People struggle to plan for their financial future and that’s why I started NewAge Advisors. My clients have more security because of my methods. This is because I have learned that we are living in a new age. Since the economic downturn of 2008, changing demographics, technology, automation, regulatory changes and many other factors require prudent investors to protect their resources in new ways. We really have entered a new age.

                        My vision is a practice that is prepared for this new age. Not because I want it to be, but because it must be in order to help you.

                        Importantly, you are confronting a new age of your own as well. You may be planning for retirement, starting a new project, securing your family’s future, or something else. To me, it matters that you are prepared financially for what lies ahead. That’s why my firm exists.

                        I’ve designed my practice in a new age fashion. I’ve avoided the traditionally high costs, pricey transactions, merely average financial planning and high glamor practices. Rather, I’ve built a state-of-the-art company composed of internal and external experts and professionals from many disciplines. Unlike the one-size-fits-all firms who advertise on TV, I have no limits on how I can help. I don’t have to work within the confines of the big bureaucratic firms that push the company line or sell company “recommended” investments and services.

                        I’ve kept my overheads low and assembled a team of experts who work with me on a highly efficient and substantially lower cost basis. This allows me to combine my expertise with the most highly trained and experienced professionals available while passing significant savings on to you.

                        My team and I look forward to serving you!


                        Gary Wedge, CFP®

                        There is much more to share!

                        If you are a federal employee and would like to learn more about creating a thoughtful financial plan that maximizes your pre/post-retirement employee benefits as a Federal Employee Group client of NewAge Advisors, please contact us below to arrange for a complementary consultation.

                        If you are interested in learning more about our exclusive Private Client Group and how our programs can help you continue to grow your financial empire with less risk, more upside potential and low costs, please contact us below. Hurry! We have only a few openings left!

                        Or, to make a general inquiry, complete the form below:

                        Reach Us

                        Advisory Services offered through NewAge Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser in the state of Michigan.

                        120 N. Washington Square
                        Suite 300
                        Lansing, MI 48933


                        2000 Town Center
                        Suite 1900
                        Southfield, MI 48075

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